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Solar Douro Miragaia, Fachada

Welcome to Solar Douro Miragaia.

In the heart of the Douro's steep slope, in one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, just 8 km from Castelo de Paiva in the Porto District and 50 km from Grande Porto, Solar Douro Miragaia is a unique manor with a privileged view over the Paiva River . Its location on the Douro hillside and its surrounding space provides our guests with a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Enjoy life, naturally and safely ...

  • Health in 1st place

    The current pandemic moment demands that we put everyone's safety above everything else. We work daily to comply with the safety and hygiene commitment that is required for a 100% safe stay.

  • Exclusive Stay

    Reserve the Solar just for you and spend a holiday with your family or friends. Enjoy an exclusive stay in a unique Manor, with a pool and surrounded by the nature of the Douro.

  • Natural refuge

    In the heart of the Douro, overlooking the Paiva River, Solar Douro Miragaia is a piece of history surrounded by the most beautiful and relaxing nature ... a haven for the mind and body.

The Manor house - Solar Douro Miragaia The Fountain of the Water Tank — Solar Douro Miragaia Leisure Area — Solar Douro Miragaia Detail of a Bathroom — Solar Douro Miragaia Lounge Area — Solar Douro Miragaia Pool area — Solar Douro Miragaia Detail of a Bathroom — Solar Douro Miragaia The Chapel — Solar Douro Miragaia The Pool — Solar Douro Miragaia Detail of the Hall — Solar Douro Miragaia The Vegetable Garden — Solar Douro Miragaia Suite — Solar Douro Miragaia Room for Activities — Solar Douro Miragaia The Manor house — Solar Douro Miragaia Detail of the entrance, Coat of Arms — Solar Douro Miragaia The Paiva Walkways — Solar Douro Miragaia The Water Tank — Solar Douro Miragaia The Cellar Room — Solar Douro Miragaia Detail of the Hall — Solar Douro Miragaia Leisure Area — Solar Douro Miragaia Detail of Outside Vase — Solar Douro Miragaia

In complete safety

Delight yourself with all the life and nature in the heart of the Douro region

manor house

The Manor House
From 17th century to you

Built in the 17th century, Solar Douro Miragaia is part of Quinta de Miragaia, a property with 2 hectares, which also has an English-style greenhouse, a watermill and green spaces. Inside there are several details that date back from the 15th century to 18th century.

The Manor was restored with the utmost care to maintain the original Portuguese design and its enormous historical value, being recognized as a heritage of enormous importance for Portugal and for Tourism in Portugal.

  • 1643

    Solar Douro Miragaia is the only manor house dating from 1643, characterized by its genuinely Portuguese design.

  • 2

    Solar Douro Miragaia is housed in a 2 hectare farm, with an English-style greenhouse and surrounding green spaces.

  • 10

    The manor consists of 10 rooms with private bathroom and shared access to the swimming pool, lounge and free parking.

  • 1

    Unique space surrounded by the jagged slopes of the Douro region, in unparalleled beauty, 8km from Castelo de Paiva and 50km from the city of Porto.

The Solar intends to distance itself from being just another "accommodation" by the Douro River. The unique space of great historical value, the privileged view to the jagged slopes of Castelo de Paiva, are the perfect stage for new experiences, new encounters and reunions. Come and live the Douro.

“living in a unique setting and in full harmony with nature is a gift that I share with all my heart.”

Sílvia Mota, Diretora Geral


The Region

“A virginal universe, as if it had just been born, and already eternal for the harmony, for the serenity, for the silence that not even the river dares to break, now disappearing furtively behind the mountains, now amazed in the background reflecting the your own amazement ...”

Miguel torga in “Diário XXI”

The grandeur of the Douro can never be entirely conveyed by mere words, being that this is certainly the most beautiful region in Portugal. With a unique nature and biodiversity that accompany the meandering of the Douro River through these beautiful slopes.

The beauty of the Douro is not only transmitted by the beauty of its landscapes, but also by the beauty of its people, gastronomy and customs. One of the oldest and most beautiful wine regions in Europe and the birthplace of Port wine.

The Paiva Walkways (at 8km)

Our offers
for you and your family

  • All of Manor house / Suites

    With all the comfort, modern amenities and in complete safety, our suites or even the entire manor are the perfect nest for those who want to live the day with a full heart.

  • Events

    A unique and singular place, that the new time no longer creates, but that we preserve so that you can celebrate all the good moments of your life.

  • Retreats

    For those who want to find or rebalance themselves and the world, this is the ideal place. Beyond the Solar, nature awaits you.

  • Experiences

    Discover the Douro region and what it offers. Take a stroll or walk on the river, eat a piece of the region or taste a beautiful wine.

Come and enjoy the Douro

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To love

Um novo dia vem nascendo.
Um novo sol já vai raiar.
Parece a vida, rompendo em luz,
E que nos convida a amar.

Vinicius de Moraes

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